The ZENHOUSE is a division of Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd. that is involved in the manufacture of high quality affordable
housing specifically targeting the mass market in Kenya.
The Zen House is available in attractive designs and the finishing in each house can be tailor made tosuit individual tastes
and budget.
The Zen House is primarily a steel frame system with insulated concrete wall panels. All houses come with an attractive
The fixtures and finishing of individual modules of Zen house can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements.
The following items can be adjusted and supplied as required:
•    Textured lifestyle roofing sheets
•    Ceramic or PVC flooring
•    Internal loose furniture
•    Curtain rods/ rails
•    Internal soft furnishing

The Zen Houses are designed such that they are quick and easy to construct on site. All modules of Zen House come complete with internal wiring and plumbing. Being price competitive, the Zen House is suitable for;
•    Family occupancy
•    Staff Quarters
•    Offices
•    Site accommodation
•    Hospital apartments
•    School buildings etc

There are five options that are easy to assemble as shown below;