Article from Africa Outlook

With the exciting launch of its brand new fullyintegrated steel fabrication plant, Zenith Steel is entering its 40th year in style. Just 10 kilometres from its existing site, the Company’s new plant will allow Zenith Steel to up its output from 50,000 tonnes to 75,000; making it one of the largest of its kind in […]

Leading East and Central Africa toAutomated Structural Steel Fabrication

Zenith Steel is successful with the firstfully automated steel fabrication linein East and Central Africa, achievingbetter quality, efficient material useand faster deliveries to customers. “African steel construction is growing, definitely,”says Raheem Biviji of Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltdin Nairobi, Kenya, in the midst of a conversationcovering steel and technology trends.“This growth is not a change from […]

Together we are shaping a smarter future for construction

Trimble is a technology company with a vision of transforming theway the world works. Trimble’s construction offering ranges from totalstations to advanced software, giving the industry tools to transformplanning, design, construction and operation of buildings. The companyalso has products for trades like logistics and agriculture.Tekla software is at the heart of the design and construction […]