Zen Tanks

Pressed panels steel water tanks - galvanized water tank

Zen Tanks

The Zen Tank is a product designed to meet clients requirements. It is a combination of pressed plates configured to offer a range of storage capacities for water for domestic, industrial and commercial use. The strength and robustness are key aspects of the design and fabrication of the Zen Tank.
* All Zen Steel Tanks are protected against rust by galvanization and applying paint on both the inside and outside prior to dispatch.

Zenith Steel created, fabricated, and mounted Zen Tanks, which are water storage solutions.

Zen tanks’ water storage range in capacity from 5500 litres to 1,000,000 litres. They are built of pressed mild steel panels.

Both elevated platforms and ground bearers help support them. Consumers can purchase used products, fix them themselves, and receive technical help. Depending on the region and use of water, they could be painted or zinc-galvanized.

Zen Tanks Technical Specification

Zenith Steel is in charge of all designs, drawings, and fixes. A consumer has the opportunity to purchase ex-works. They can buy a steel water tank and fix it themselves. Flexible payment options allow the customer to control costs and project schedules.