Leading East and Central Africa toAutomated Structural Steel Fabrication

Zenith Steel is successful with the first
fully automated steel fabrication line
in East and Central Africa, achieving
better quality, efficient material use
and faster deliveries to customers.

“African steel construction is growing, definitely,”
says Raheem Biviji of Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd
in Nairobi, Kenya, in the midst of a conversation
covering steel and technology trends.
“This growth is not a change from concrete to
steel construction,” Biviji stresses. “Increase
comes from growth. An increase in growth
leads to a higher demand for steel to sustain
that growth. In countries such as Kenya,
Tanzania, Uganda, these markets have
really grown to a high level,” Biviji says.
As the Managing Director of Zenith Steel
Fabricators Ltd., Raheem Biviji knows his market.
His job is to focus on the strategic growth of the
company from the design and engineering aspects.
Biviji has a long, 17-year history with the company.