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Service Center

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The Zenith Steel Service Center

The Service Center buys steel from the steel mills directly from around the world, stores it, and sells it to end users as required. This saves the other fabricators and contractors from the trouble of buying extra steel or even maintaining an inventory. The service center also processes or value adds as required by the customer, before sale.


1. The material is readily available.
2. Deliveries are less impacted by fluctuating mill rolling schedules.
3. Steel delivery is done on time providing early occupancy.
4. Price volatility is minimized as prices are typically based on already purchased inventory.
5. Allows final order and delivery of detailed erection drawings, minimizing mistakes and wasted material.
6. Fabricators can buy exact quantities of what they need.
7. Eliminates the requirement for customers to invest in infrastructure for material storage and processing.
8. Provides free engineering advise.

Intelligent Fabrication

Intelligent fabrication starts optimizing the production of fabricated material in regards to the erection sequence. Once the optimum sequence is determined, the material can be loaded onto the conveyor system. Steel Projects software then optimizes the handling steps, process selection and completes the fabrication process in the most efficient manner
As the material is run through the system, different operations such as shot blasting, sawing, drilling and plate processing happen automatically and without an operator’s decision-making or direct involvement in the operation of the CNC equipment.
Enhanced automation within Zeniths steel comes through:

• Modelling on Tekla Structures that can easily be read by Steel Projects program
• Comprehensive solutions for planning and monitoring of production processes
• A fully automated plant and crane structure designed specifically to reduce material handling for extremely high-quality products, quicker timelines and cost-effective solutions.